Your First Kaga Tabi-nuki: 135 Beautiful Patterns Made from a Single Thread

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This product is suitable for reading on devices with large displays such as tablets. Functions such as string highlighting, searching, and referencing dictionaries cannot be used. "Kaga Yubinuki" has become a secret boom. The reason why it is popular is that it is the fun of handwork to make a single thread in layers, and you can create various patterns with the way of being, and it is more beautiful than anything else, and you can enjoy it as an accessory such as straps and necklaces. In this book, we will introduce the work of Yukiko Onishi, the representative of "Kaga Yubinuki no Kai" who is the center of the Yubinuki boom and how to make it. Focusing on works that are easy to make even for beginners, carefully explained with photos that follow each step. By learning how to make one way, infinite arrangements are possible.
You can download and use the pattern paper "Equal Seal Scale" of this e-book. For details, please check the information page in the book.

■Table of Contents
1: Yubinuki of parallel sashimi
2: Basics of Yubinuki making
3: Yubinuki of Kuguri Sashimi
4: Yubinuki of Open Sashimi
5: Yubinuki of Layered Sashimi
6: Arrangement of Yubinuki
7: Tips and points for making Yubinuki